Journey through Paper

I am in pursuit of the perfect paper. Something that will be archival. I'm worried that these paintings won't last very long because they are on paper. Many of these paintings will be reprinted and I know that giclee prints will last a very long time but it's just not quite the same as the original. I ordered two different types of oil paper and I simply can not wait until they arrive! Currently, I'm using Canson Montval paper which is student grade and that just will not do. It does show the tooth somewhat, but it is so nice to paint on! 


A recent painting had me looking at old newspaper clippings for inspiration. I originally didn't think that they would work because they lack detail. That sparked my need to compete and I knew that I had to try. They turned out really well! The figure in the middle used several photos as reference. Her face was from one, her body from another, and her clothing from another. I am pleased with the result!

Coach Patti  18x24 Oil on Paper

Coach Patti

18x24 Oil on Paper

This next painting was a joy! It is a commissioned piece for a friend and babysitter. She puts up with our four kids happily! This was a Mother's Day present to her mom who I also happen to know. She and I worked together as OB techs ten years ago! 

Siblings  18x24 Oil on Paper


18x24 Oil on Paper