Nah-Nahs. That is what our family called the two milk machines that reside on my chest. After having three kids calling them all sorts of names which were embarrassing to hear in the grocery store, we adopted Nah-Nahs. Clara still calls them that. Even her own. (A long ways off of being milk machines...)

I am a huge breastfeeding advocate. (Understatement of the year!) I nursed all of my children for a total of more than 10 years. With two sets of kids, they tandem nursed because I just couldn't bear to take away something that gave them so much comfort during a time wrought with uncertainty. Stability and comfort is what extended nursing provided for my toddler. The youngest age I weaned a child was at two and half years. I don't want you to be impressed with that...but more aware that it's possible, it's good, and it's normal. The last one is important. Normal. Nursing will never be normal if we don't allow it to be normal. No more hiding in bathrooms, no more nursing covers, and most importantly, no more putting other people's comfort levels ahead of nurturing our child. 

I enjoyed doing this painting so much! A wonderful teacher gave me the reference photo of her daughter nursing her baby. This teacher, along with another Lactation Consultant, changed how I saw babies being fed.  Not just with calories, fat, and essential nutrients, but by being close to mom, by mothers feeling their baby close to their hearts, and most of all, the special relationship that happens with nursing. It's a bond that is so strong! Thank you Rhonda and Susan!

Without further a do.... may I introduce, Little Lu'.

Terry nursing 2.jpg