Continue or not?

I have a "study" (Ben, my hubby, hates it when I call it a practice painting) that I am currently doing that is not going well.  That paper I was excited about a few days ago? Well, it stinks. The backside is not made for oil. Watercolor paper tends to have two different surfaces. The front has a texture that is rougher than the back side. I'm finding out that it can be too smooth and too absorbent. The question now is whether or not to finish. If I didn't finish some of the paintings that I felt had crappy paper, Chas and kids, Clara and Gigi wouldn't exist! So, I'm going to shelve this one on the mantle. It's in full view so that I'm reminded to tend to it or put the subject matter on different paper. 

On a different note, Julia's denim jacket is done!