First post

It was snowing outside today...the first day of school after spring break. Normally at this time of year, I'm setting up the trampoline, digging out the shorts and tanks and washing the snow pants for the last time this season to be put away. Instead, I'm inside, bundled in a sweater, drinking hot tea and hoping my icy fingers can still paint. I must, because I've got new paper to try!

The search for the perfect paper continues. There are 12 different kinds of paper surrounding me and it seems many papers don't take oil paint very well. The oil gets absorbed in the paper and makes a smudge instead of a mark. Dry brushing is applying very thin layers of paint on TOP of paper. Not IN the paper.

Gigi was my first painting on hot pressed watercolor paper. Hot-pressed paper has a smooth surface and it seems to be hard to find in local art shops. At first, I didn't like the way the hairs of the paper seemed to pill on the top. Even so, I finished the painting and it turned out great. Skin, hair and smooth surfaces look great with this paper. Darker areas seemed to not be as clear.

Julia is my second painting on cold-pressed watercolor. She is going to be stunning. There is plenty of texture to keep me busy with this one. She has a denim jacket on and she's sitting in a kid sized wicker chair under a bright sun! Stay tuned!